Touched by Art. Online Talks

Such a waste we cannot touch each other anymore like we used to do! Memories of kisses, handshakes or of feeling the presence of other people within a radius of one meter are slowly fading.

Fortunately there is still art. In this online series of talks I organise, named ‘Touched by Art’, several people will take the digital floor to tell something about an artwork – a poem, story, image, film or choreography.

All encounters are free of charge. The aim of this initiative is to share stories about half-forgotten artworks. It is a way not to lose sight of the art sector in times of corona. So, provide yourself with a nice drink and snack and start the week with a touch of art!

All talks can be joined via this Zoom link:

November 23 Fernando Cremades

Cremades is a contemporary artist and researcher who will talk about his ongoing project ‘Radiotrophic fungus’.

November 30 Ronald Hünneman

Hünneman is a philosopher specialized in art and philosophy of cognitive science and he will discuss the painting Propped (1992) by Jenny Saville.

December 7 Regina Llamas

Llamas is a professor of Chinese history and culture and she will talk about the 10th century painting known as The Night Revels of Han Xizai.

December 14 Liesbeth Korthals Altes

Korthals Altest is a professor of literary theory and she will talk about the novel The Erl-King (1970) by Michel Tournier.

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